Q&A with Carolin Part 3

So here is a goodie asked by Brett Craig: “Do you like to portray some message in your paintings?  Or are you inspired by something spiritual, emotional or philosophical when you paint?”

The main motivation behind any of my work is hands-down the intense sense of awe I have for life.Lake in Bavaria where I grew up Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been completely enthralled by the mysterious strangeness and beauty of this peculiar place we find ourselves. It begins with having been completely immersed in nature’s grandeur while growing up amongst the fields and forests of the German landscape; it carries all the way over to being fascinated with the complexity of the human psyche. This sense of wonder is integral to who I am and I believe this element is what nudged me to become an artist.

I look at the times we live in as a challenge to the open-hearted souls who suffer from the dominant mechanistic, functionalistic and therefore demystified way of perceiving this world. In humanity’s brilliant effort to establish the laws of logic, and make way for the Age of Enlightenment, many things that made life worth living got tossed out of the window as well. Wonder was one of the biggest sacrifices. By solely relying on analytical explanations of the world as we navigate daily life, we miss the opportunity to live and experience it through our personal lens; I believe this lense is the whole point of us being here. Wonder is YOUR gateway to life because once you indulge that sense of wonder, that which holds meaning for you will come forth. The real trick is to hang out with wonder for a minute or so and listen to what it whispers into your ear.

To bring it back to your question about my art in particular: yes, I am inspired by the spirit of life itself! I see it in so many facets. I see it in the ripe fruit of our back yard trees, in the weary eyes of a young adult trying to find his/her way, in the atmosphere of the evening after the sun has set and in the complexity of our interactions with each other and ourselves.Orange Still Life

If there is a message, I hope it is: “Look! Wake up! Isn’t it strange? Isn’t it marvelous? What will you do with all of this at your fingertips?”